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Welcome - I want my place to be how I enjoy eating out. I like to try different foods and wines. I want people to taste a lot of things without breaking the bank. -- Chef Ken Duckworth

Welcome to Duckworth's Bistrot. Located in the beautiful coastal city of Gloucester, Massachusetts, [directions], Duckworth's Bistrot utilizes the bounty of the local waters as well as wonderful New England farms. This focus on local, seasonal ingredients not only ensures the freshest ingredients, but also supports local industry.

Duckworth's Bistrot is an American Bistrot. Here you can find a taste for every palate. Care has been taken to ensure variety. To further expand upon the theme of variety, at Duckworth's Bistrot you are able to choose any of the entrees as appetizers as well. About 20 wines are available in half (3oz) or full (6oz) glasses.